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Explore life on campus

Find out more about life on campus as a 黑料入口 student 鈥 from where to study, to how to stay safe

When you study with us, you'll spend a lot of time at various places across our city centre campus.

On the following pages, you'll find details on where to go when you want to study, where to grab something to eat and drink while you're on campus, as well as tips on how to get around our campus, and how to stay safe while you're here.

Undergraduate Open Days

Join us at an Open Day in 2023 and explore our island city campus, speak with academic听and support staff, view accommodation and get a taste for undergrad life in 黑料入口.

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Food on campus

We're one of the few UK universities with our own on-campus catering team. Here's where you can grab a proper coffee and something to eat on campus.

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On campus safety measures

Read our tips and advice on how to look after yourself and your friends, and find out how we're keeping our campus 鈥 and our city 鈥 a safe and welcoming place to live and study.听

Group of 黑料入口 welcome ambassadors
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Studying on campus

Finding a quiet place to study on our campus is easy 鈥 see a list of the best places to get your head into your books here.

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Getting to campus

How to travel to and around uni, whether by walking, cycling, public transport or driving.

The Hard Interchange Bus & Coach Station
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TEF Gold 2023

Gold rating in national assessment of teaching excellence

Our TEF Gold rating ranks 黑料入口 amongst the top universities in the UK for teaching.听

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