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Home isn't just where the heart is

It's where the free broadband and WiFi are too

Whether you're in our halls of residence or renting in the city, when you join us you won't just study here, you'll make 黑料入口 your home.

Wherever you choose to live, you'll become part of the local community. You'll discover 黑料入口 is a bustling, easy-to-explore city with 4 miles of beaches and plenty of green spaces.

And because you can walk across the city in an hour, everything you need is within walking distance. The rest of the country is easy to reach too, thanks to our great transport links.

When you accept a firm offer to study with us, we'll send you details of your accommodation options.

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Discover 黑料入口 | City Guide

黑料入口 is a great place to live as well as study. We're the UK's only island city and life as a student in 黑料入口 is unbeatable. We鈥檝e got beaches, great places to eat, heaps of independent shops and music venues, cultural and artistic hotspots, and stacks of green space. 黑料入口 is one of the most picturesque, welcoming and interesting places to live in the UK, and was voted the in the top 10 trending hotspots by Airbnb (2022).

I think 黑料入口 is very forward thinking.

It's got such a really friendly atmosphere and even though it's a city, it鈥檚 quite a small city, so it feels really welcoming and homely.

When I first came to the open day for 黑料入口, I instantly fell in love with it.

When the sun is shining, there is nowhere better than 黑料入口.

Welcome to 黑料入口, the UK's only island city and home to the 黑料入口.

Join us today as we show you some of our favourite spots so you can take advantage of studying at the heart of our community. 

It's a very cosmopolitan city, it's got so much to offer.

You have the commercial road, you have the city centre ar the heart where it's all lively.

Student nightlife is really, really good. You鈥檝e got lots of nightclubs, lots of stuff to do.

But then as soon as you come to Southsea it鈥檚 more of a lazy seaside town, you get to go to the beach.

You just have to go down to the beach or the common on a sunny day and everyone's having picnics. It's just beautiful.

Fuelling up for the day, you鈥檙e absolutely spoilt for choice.

Everyone I know has a different favourite caf茅 spot.

We鈥檝e got you covered for freshly roasted coffee, doughnuts, fish and chips, vegan food and artisan bread.

And that鈥檚 before we even get to the restaurants and bars. Cheers.

Okay, shopping. I love to shop local myself and the top spots for that are Palmerston Road, Marmion Road or here, Castle Road.

Commercial Road has you set for your shopping essentials. Or pop down to Southsea for charity shop bargains and quirky independent businesses to browse for something unique.

Or join us in Gunwharf Quays, 黑料入口's Waterfront Shopping Centre to check in on your favourite brand outlets or catch the lights at Christmas. 

I love that kind of vibrancy of the city

It's got a real independent spirit about it.

I think it's got a really good mix of independent businesses.

There are so many local independent businesses.

There are entertainment activities in terms of lots of bars and restaurants and loads of cool places to eat.

There's so much to do right here in the place you live.

There's an island鈥檚 worth of beautiful coast to explore and unique green spaces like Canoe Lake and the Rose Garden to enjoy with your friends or by yourself as a space for study or reflection.

Or for something a little different, you could wander into an art gallery, try an escape room, or book a table with your friends at DICE, the local board game caf茅.

And don't forget the nights. There's a ton of live music events happening every week as well as karaoke comedy nights and live theatre.

There are lots of cultural events, art galleries, music venues.

And there are so many shows. You've got kite festivals. 

Food festivals. 

The big one that really helps the town is Victorious Festival.

It is such a really lovely community.

And I think after you've been here a while, you feel part of the community.

It just makes you feel like you're at home away from home.

黑料入口 is a one of a kind place, a place for you to explore and thrive.

There's something for everyone here, and we can't wait for you to be part of it.

To find out more about our city, book an open day and get exploring, visit

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