Our research is helping answer pressing questions facing society and the planet.

Working with industry and academic partners, and across our 5 faculties, our researchers are leading their fields and creating impact.

Whether we're developing better methods to prevent drowning at sea, discovering an enzyme to tackle plastic pollution, studying the origins of the planet and the Universe, or exploring new ways to care for vulnerable people, our research is making聽the world a better place.

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Biological Sciences

We're exploring how to treat genetic disorders, identifying novel targets for drugs and searching for advances in treatments that could impact millions.聽

Deep sea creatures
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Business and Management

We're investigating the growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses in an uncertain global economy as well as how to improve business sustainability and implement new products and services. Explore our business & management research.

Business meeting
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Cosmology and Astrophysics

We're working to understand the cosmos and the fundamental physical laws at work 鈥 including gravity and the nature of spacetime. And how these laws of nature play out in the formation and evolution of stars and galaxies.

Solar system
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Digital and Creative Technologies research

We're fuelling technological advances in animation, visual effects (VFX), cross reality (XR), user experience (UX), computer and video games, and visual computing. Discover the work we do.

Virtual reality headset
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We're researching how people, businesses, societies and nations manage and allocate scarce resources such as land, labour or capital. Explore our economics research.

pound coins
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Environmental, Geography and Geosciences

Explore the broad range of environment, geography and geoscience research we鈥檙e undertaking across our three areas of expertise.

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Health Informatics

We're improving the design of computer systems and wellbeing services to make the delivery of healthcare more efficient and cost-effective, and we're exploring how technology can influence lifestyle choices and reduce health risks.

vitality health check
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We're exploring the many ways that laws and the legal system shape society and affect the daily lives of people at all levels within it. Explore our law research.

Law courts statue
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We're researching existing and emerging business models and consumer segments to give businesses insight into their markets, customers and more. Explore our marketing research.

Vncent Pericard, former footballer turned marketer
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Mathematical Sciences

We're delving into the mathematical complexity behind the processes and functions all around us, to develop solutions to problems in science and industry. Explore our mathematics research.

Mathematical equations on a whiteboard
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Operational Research and Logistics

We're researching how we can apply quantitative methodologies to improve decision-making across a range of diverse fields of application.

Large ship at industrial port, loading containers
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Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Biomedical sciences

We're improving our understanding of how the body functions, how disease effects these functions, and the genetic and molecular drivers for illness. Explore our pharmacy pharmacology and biomedical sciences research.

Lab microscope
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We're working to find solutions to global issues like climate change, infrastructure, transportation and new energy sources. Explore our physics research.

Female scientist studying Zeeman effect at 黑料入口
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Politics and international relations

We're exploring pressing issues in politics and international relations and working with organisations, governments and individuals to find solutions.

Kamala Harris and Emmanuel Macron
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We're exploring topics from child development of social skills to eye witness testimony, and from the evolution of primate facial expressions to factors affecting drug use. Explore our psychology research.

Psychology conducting eye exam
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We're studying the patterns of relationships, social interaction, cultures and communities, and how people live their lives. Explore our sociology research.

Central london
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